Looking for a brand new job?

Dovetail is growing, will you come and join us?

We are always looking for people who are enthusiastic about integration and are ready for a new challenge.

We have a couple of open vacancies. Aren’t these what you are looking for, but you are interested in the options at Dovetail? Feel free to contact us.

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Create Awesome Things

You get the opportunity to create great things for our customers. There is a very strong basis, and you can make it even more awesome. 

We value You

We believe you thrive when your life is in balance, you’re challenged enough and you get the opportunity to learn and grow.

Team Strenght

As a team we can go a long way because we show up for each other with trust, compassion and confidence. 

Make a Difference

We build authentic relationships and we trust you to make a difference within our team. Together we form the pieces of the puzzle.

Available vacancies:

We currently don’t have any openings. Does working at Dovetail appeal to you, and you feel you have something to add to our team? Send us an email with your info and we’ll be in touch!