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The online training we prepared will take up to 1,5 – 2 hours of your time, depending on your experience and background. You can log on any time you like.
All the examples in the training are set up with data, you don’t have to prepare anything.  

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What can you expect when trying our integration platform?

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So what does Try it Yourself entail?

You will receive access to a demo environment and a training environment. In this training environment we will help you get
started in the demo. After following 3 examples we will guide you to building your very own first flow.

Fill out the form and we will get you set up in your own demo account. 

1. Three examples

We have prepared 3 examples to show you how a flow works and how it is build up.

Each example goes a bit deeper into detail and complexity. After working through these examples you are ready for step 2.

2. Build your own flow

In step 2 we guide you with videos through building a flow by yourself. We’ll introduce you to headers, variables and authorization. You will get acquainted with the Flow Manger and making your first API call. All required information is available within the course. No preparations required.

At the end of this you will have made you very first flow.

3. Try it yourself

After following the course you can try to build one flow completely by yourself. This can be related to the integration challenge your are currently facing.

At the end of the training we would love to get some feedback on the course itself and your experience with the demo environment.

Are you ready to try it yourself?

Thousands of customers depend on Integration made easy!

Complex, but not difficult.

We notice that customers in Small & Medium Businesses often find our world of application integration very difficult. Integration is a complex set of endpoints, authentication, APIs, JSONs or XML, mappings, error handling and logging. Lots of technical details that need to be sorted out and collected to get the best result.

We do everything we can to bring integration within the reach of the citizen developer so that integrations can be quickly brought to a good end result, without a programmer. 

Everything we do is based on our mission of “integration made easy”. With a very user-friendly drag & drop interface, an extensive library of opinionated (premium) components, building blocks for popular applications and complete, up-to-date, context-sensitive documentation. And not to forget our partner network of specialists who are close to the customer and help them to connect people, processes and systems. This means that integration of applications remains complex, but is no longer difficult.

Erik Greefhorst – Partner / CEO