Our solution in different industries

Dovetail can integrate all sorts of applications. However, industries are often marked by specific applications or specific use of certain applications. 

Integration solutions build with Dovetail are build with components in flows, parts of these flows can be re-used. We like to call these “building blocks” and they are re-used in different companies within the same industry.

We have organised our Case studies per Industry because we believe that they will help you to see how Dovetail can work for you, in your situation, for your integration challenge.

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Online selling in both B2C and B2B


Educational institutions in all sorts, sizes and levels


Facility management. Organising services like cleaning, maintenance, etc


Businesses in healthcare, from a GP to a health insurance company


The industry exists to provide people the best possible leisure experience.


Deliver the right goods, at the right time, at the right location.


Creation or production of goods for all kind of industries.

Professional Services

Companies offering professional services: insurance, legal advice, consultancy etc.


Companies that sell goods and services directly to consumers.


An enterprise located between manufacturers and the retail trade.