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Wholesale companies often work with large sets of data; they have an extensive assortment to offer. To ensure orders travel through the organisation correctly and are delivered timely is of upmost importance. Whether the order comes in via EDI, a webshop or a physical order, all data needs to be correct, timely and in the right place (or software). Dovetail can ensure this is taken care of.

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Common applications

  • PIM
  • ERP
  • eCommerce systems
  • EDI
  • WMS


  • The amount of data is not a factor in Dovetail
  • Easy to build flows ensures data travels from one end to the other
  • Less manual checking and order processing = less chances for mistakes

Information in wholesale

Many wholesalers struggle with getting insights into the overall picture and the constant switching between different systems. Legacy software is not uncommon in wholesale, especially in companies that have been around for quite some time. However, in the digital day and age that we live in, customers have high expectations of their suppliers. With large quantities of data, legacy systems, siloed systems and different sources for orders, integration can be the only right answer to create insight into the overall picture.

Wholesale cases


Manage product data independent of their stock location


Organise data flow through separate systems


Organise data to sell products through marketplace Mercateo


Supply adequate data to internal systems and customers

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A little story about Wholesale

Implement a PIM system combined with an integration solution, allowing all data to be managed and mutated centrally, yet independent of location and by each exhibitor separately. It is important that product data can be mutated quickly, and that data can easily be changed in bulk, for example for temporary price campaigns.