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Professional Services

Extensive digitisation in and outside the professional services sector requires companies to transform their organisations. This enables them to offer new or more extensive services to their customers. Dovetail can support in integrating the different data streams between the software applications that the company uses.

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Common applications

  • CRM
  • Workplace tools
  • ERP
  • Accountancy software
  • Project management software


  • Dovetail can integrate a multitude of applications with each other
  • The amount of data is not a factor to consider for Dovetail
  • Drag-and-drop interface makes Integration easy

Meeting customer expectations

In the digital age, customers expect more from professional services than just good prices and high quality products and services. For example, customers want to have access at any time they want and they want to handle things more and more online. These increasing customer demands arise because customers distinguish to a lesser degree between different industries, which means that they expect other companies to provide a similar service as organisations that are far ahead in digitisation – such as online retailers.

Professional Services cases


Organise internal processes to feed the sales channels

Professional Services

How to send a newsletter that matches the recipient’s interests?


Supply adequate data to internal systems and customers


Organise data to sell products through marketplace Mercateo

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A little story about Professional Services

Insurers deal with changes, requests for quotations, renewals, policies and damage reports. It is also important that an insurer keeps an eye on when an all-risk insurance becomes redundant, when the periodic update interview with the customer is approaching, or when an underage child of the customer turns 18.