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Deliver the right goods, at the right time, at the right location, for the right price and service. Logistics is more than just transport from one place to another. It is a collective term for everything that involves organizing, planning, managing and executing a flow of goods from the first to the last phase.

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Common applications

  • Logistics software
  • WMS
  • ERP
  • Workplace software


  • Enables you to have correct data in the right place at the right time
  • Easy to build flows thank to drag/drop interface
  • Work together with data supplied by your customers
  • Save on manual labor, reduce the error margin

The logistics chain and information exchange

Logistics is inextricably linked to information exchange. It is necessary to control the process. Information like: order, a status message, a schedule, customs documents, traffic information, etc. If there is no integrated goods flow control, the various bits of information function separately of each other and it is impossible for a chain director to steer everything in the right direction.
To manage all logistics processes, it is very important to properly process the information flows. Where, when and how should the goods be delivered? Good logistics depend on good organisation. Dovetail can assist you in getting the organisation of data flows in order. Manual labour can be scaled down, which improves the quality and the speed in which the logistics can operate.

Logistics cases


Organise data feed towards the webshop


Connect WMS to ERP to maximise efficiency


Manage product data independent of their stock location


Organise data to sell products through marketplace Mercateo

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