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The leisure industry can be defined very broadly: hotels, catering, camp sites, holiday venues. entertainment, culture, sports, recreation. As broad as the sector is, it is all about the same thing; giving their customer the best possible leisure experience. Seamless integration of data is one the key factors to creating this experience.

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Common applications

  • Planning tools
  • Purchasing tools
  • ERP
  • Accountancy tools
  • Webshop/web-interface


  • Easily manage your data flow by integrating them
  • Drag and drop interface for flow building
  • Less manual activity saves time and increases accuracy

Customer details in the leisure industry

When you want to give people the best possible experience, it is important to know more about your customer, because that provides you with the opportunity to cater to his needs and fulfil his wishes. It helps to collect certain data to enhance the experience. However, the place where you collect this data, for instance social media, might not be the place where you want to use it. To make such data usable, integration will help to improve the experience you are offering.

Leisure cases


Manage product data independent of their stock location


Organise incoming product specs


Reduce manual labour to limit errors and save costs


Organise data flow through separate systems

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A little story about Leisure

Collecting data and using it to deliver added value to guests will become increasingly important. By mapping out exactly what the needs of the guests are, it is easier to respond to this. It is important to know who comes into your business, when they comes and what they order. Customer details, such as birthdays, spending patterns, interests and place of residence give the catering entrepreneur the opportunity to respond to the guest’s personal preferences. A good relationship provides a reason to choose your company over another.