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The healthcare industry is an industry in which the security standards are very high because of the privacy of related data involved. It is important to keep patients personal information safe. In an integration that can result in many authentication points within a data flow.

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Common applications

  • ERP systems
  • Electronic Patient File Systems
  • CRM


  • Security comes standard
  • Drag and drop components, including authentication
  • Easy to build flows

Security and authentication

In order to keep data safe, more complex authentication is often required. Especially in industries like healthcare that handles delicate information like someones personal health situation, address information, gender, age, personal identification information - security is very important. The way systems go about security and authentication is constantly evolving and improving. Dovetail supports the current types of authentication and is able to ensure safe integration between systems. We constantly follow developments in that area and act if necessary.

Healthcare cases


Reduce manual labour to limit errors and save costs


Implementation of a new secure data protocol


Supply adequate data to internal systems and customers


Organise incoming product specs

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