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Facility management is the management of all services that are related to the work environment and that are necessary to support people in their pursuit of adding value to the organisation.

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Common applications

  • FMIS (facility management information system)
  • IWMS (integrated workplace management system)
  • Workplace software
  • Accountancy applications


  • Organises your work flow; from offering the actual service to invoicing and documenting
  • Easy to use thanks to visual flow composer

Integration in facilities

FMIS - Facility Management Information System, or CAFM Computer Aided Facility Management software are common tools in the Facility Management industry. In these systems a lot of functionality with regards to the facilities offered, the contracts, reporting, management of means and spaces or keys is arranged. Some systems even allow E-procurement which enable the Facility Manager to access supplier catalogues and order supplies.

Connecting multiple functionalities makes insights grow - company-wide; from HR to IT. This is why more and more companies in the Facilities industry are moving towards IWMS Integrated Workplace Management Systems. Dovetail can support in settings these up by integrating both internal and external systems.

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A little story about Facilities

By adding the various functionalities, the insights grow. Those insights go company-wide. From the HRM department to the IT department and from the catering to the reception services. It is the reason that companies are moving more and more from FMIS to an all-encompassing IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) system. Given the diversity and extensiveness of the facilities department, it is important that there are good integrations with both the internal systems, but also the systems of third parties in order to be able to act properly and quickly.