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Schools increasingly work with flexible and personal learning environments. These are composed of various applications from inside and outside the educational institution. And they work with applications to manage student information like grades and timetables, applications to manage their staff, suppliers or accounting. Thanks to integration, data can come together in mediums that are easy to interact with, like an app for students.

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Common applications

  • eLearning environments
  • Administration
  • HR management tools
  • Student management tools


  • Provides the opportunity to give students access to many applications with SSO
  • Supports organising staff planning, housing, learning
  • Dovetail is easy to use thanks to the no-code drag & drop interface

Integration in education

Many educational institutions use a standard API: Open Education API. But also when they use other APIs, Dovetail is able to connect with it and integrate the data into another application or platform.

Not all educational data is publicly accessible. Secure data like personal student information or grades and timetables need authorization before they can be accessed and processed. Dovetail can assist in handling these in a secure and safe manner according to the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Education cases


Manage the entire chain of product data


Connect WMS to ERP to maximise efficiency


Organise data feed towards the webshop


Organise data to sell products through marketplace Mercateo

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A little story about Education

Many (higher) educational institutions participate in a standard API: Open Education API. An API is a set of definitions that allow software programs to communicate with each other. It serves as an interface between different software applications. Educational institutions provide useful information through this API: from grades to credits, from timetables to free workplaces. Developers then integrate this data into new applications.