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In eCommerce it is imperative that the data from orders are correct and complete all the way from the shopping cart to delivery and invoicing. It should not matter if that shopping cart gets filled on your own website or on an marketplace like or

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Common applications

  • Webshops
  • ERP software
  • Marketplaces like or


  • Dovetail can integrate any type of online shop
  • Easy to build with drag-and-drop
  • No more manual labor on order management

Selling through your own website or online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an extension of your shop. Thanks to these marketplaces you can easily reach a large audience. But how do they integrate into your order handling process without constantly having to switch between systems? When an API is available, Dovetail is able to connect with it and handle your data flows. It enables you to serve any customer in the same way, no matter via which platform they bought from you.

eCommerce cases


Organise incoming product specs


Manage product data independent of their stock location


Connect WMS to ERP to maximise efficiency


Organise data flow through separate systems

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