At Dovetail we have an in-house team of developers constantly working on the Dovetail application. They are implementing improvements, adding functionality, maintaining the current architecture and working towards new releases of Dovetail.

Current developments

In 2023 we delivered version 4.14 of Dovetail. Currently we are working on 4.15. In this version our efforts are directed to some large technology upgrades that will enables us to add more and different functionality to this version of Dovetail and in the versions to come.

If you are looking for the latest release notes, please refer to the Dovetail Academy.

Upgrade integration framework

The current version of Dovetail is made in Camel 2. Upgrading from Camel 2 to Camel 3 is quite a large upgrade because they have put a lot of improvement and changes into it. Camel 3 was released after 10 years of Camel 2, so they have had some time to come up with desired amendments. Upgrading to Camel 3 means renewing a large part of our backend.

Flow alignment

Another part of the 4.15 release is getting the design and management of flows better aligned. This is necessary to bring more logic and ease of use to the application. It ultimately adds up to our promise Integration made Easy.

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Future developments

More upgrades

In the next steps we will again do more upgrades to the foundation of Dovetail. 

Whilst we are implementing Camel 3, Camel 4 is already released. With that a Java upgrade is also required. And there is more backend work to do in the technology stack of Dovetail. 

It will always be a continuous proces of maintaining the technology stack, adding functionality and improving the frontend.

Current version

All the information on the versions of Dovetail can be found in the Academy. That is where we keep the release notes including the changes made to each release.