At Dovetail we have an in-house team of developers constantly working on the Dovetail application. They are implementing improvements, adding functionality, maintaining the current architecture and working towards new releases of Dovetail.

Health checks & reporting

As you can see in our recents Blogs, we are currently working on improving the health checks and reporting functionality. With error route and flow function monitoring you get a lot more insight into how your integrations are functioning and where improvement chances are. We not only focus on how much processing capacity is used, but we also collect data on why flows are not running as they should. Soon we will publish some more best practices and guides on this topic.


Our front end developers are currently rebuilding the entire front end of the Dovetail application in React. React is an open source JavaScript library used for development of the frontend of your application. It was originally developed by Facebook and is currently used in many applications.
Replacing the frontend with React will bring the interaction with the application to the standards and expectations of today’s users. It also provides us with ample possibilities to continue to develop and improve the front end experience.

Currently the React frontend is in the final testing phase. We expect to release it early 2023

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Future developments

Upgrade integration framework Camel 3

The current version of Dovetail is made in Camel 2. Upgrading from Camel 2 to Camel 3 is quite a large upgrade because they have put a lot of improvement and changes into it. Camel 3 was released after 10 years of Camel 2, so they have had some time to come up with desired amendments. Apache Camel published a top 10 of What’s new compared to Camel 2.

Upgrading to Camel 3 is part of our Mid-Term Roadmap. At the moment of publishing the article we don’t have an expected release date yet.

Current version

All the information on the versions of Dovetail can be found in the Academy. That is where we keep the release notes including the changes made to each release.