Why integration made easy?

What does Dovetail mean?

In our conversations with partners, customers and prospects, we often have to explain what “Dovetail” exactly means.

Is it a swallowtail, a dovetail – or do we refer to the figurative meaning, a strong wood connection? Of course, it is all true, but we found the wood connection a nice comparison with building robust application connections. In our article “integration is layered like an onion” we tried to explain the complexity of integrations and our place in it. We are convinced that the complexity will remain, but that we must do everything we can to make integration technology as simple as possible, and accessible to as many companies as possible. Everything we do is based on the concept of “Integration made easy”. So why not take the last step and seek communication with the market based on that mission?

Dovetail integration made easy

So, why?

It was logical to make “Integration made easy, powered by Dovetail” leading in our communication. That’s why!

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