Streamlining business operations between Shopify and Exact Online

In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, the efficiency and synchronisation of business processes are critical. For e-commerce businesses using Shopify and Exact Online, the seamless integration between these platforms can significantly enhance productivity and accuracy. With our innovative solution it’s simple to synchronise products from Exact Online to Shopify and orders from Shopify back to Exact Online. With its modular, reusable, and easily configurable building blocks, Dovetail embodies its premise: ‘Integration made Easy.’

The challenge: disjointed systems

Many businesses face the challenge of managing disparate systems for different functions. Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, excels in online store management, product cataloguing, and order processing. On the other hand, Exact Online offers robust features for accounting, financial management and ERP. However, without integration, these systems operate in silos, leading to redundant and manual data entry, increased errors and inefficient workflows.

The solution: Dovetail's integration platform

We bridge the gap between Shopify and Exact Online, creating a seamless flow of information.

Products listed in Exact Online are automatically synchronised with the Shopify store. This ensures that any updates in the product catalogue, such as new product additions, price changes or stock adjustments, are instantly reflected in Shopify.

Orders placed on the Shopify store are transferred to Exact Online. This integration ensures that all sales data is accurately captured in the accounting system, facilitating real-time inventory updates and financial reporting.

Building blocks for integration

One of the standout features of Dovetail’s integration solution is its use of reusable, easily configurable building blocks. This modular approach provides several advantages:

Benefits of the Shopify-Exact Online integration

Integrating Shopify with Exact Online through Dovetail offers numerous benefits:


In an increasingly digital world, the ability to integrate diverse systems is a game-changer for businesses. Our integration solution between Shopify and Exact Online shows the power of iPaaS technology, offering a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform that simplifies complex processes. By leveraging reusable and configurable building blocks, Dovetail ensures that integration is not just a technical task but a strategic advantage, helping businesses achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and growth.

Dovetail iPaaS

An iPaaS is an excellent way to support your application integration. iPaaS is short for integration Platform as a Service. Dovetail is such a Platform.

The Dovetail application is a no code, easy to use integration tool that can connect almost anything.

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