Renewing your application landscape

Renewing your application landscape can be replacing one application with another. However, it can also mean that you have a current landscape and you are moving towards a completely new landscape. Applications might not be replaced one on one, but parts might move towards one application and other parts to other applications. No matter which renewal project you have on your hands, it is a sizeable task to make amendments to your application landscape. Projects like these need to be handled with care because it usually touches upon the core of your business. You have to approach them step by step.


One subject that will always have a prominent place in this is: data. What data do you need where, at what moment? Where does that data come from, does something need to happen with it, does it need to be transformed, or can it simply be transported elsewhere? And where is elsewhere? Does the data require cleansing and what to do with data that is no longer of use?  An iPaaS like Dovetail can help you handle this, independent from your applications. Dovetail can be used as the intermediary between the old and new. This will allow you to do a soft transfer from the old to the new situation.

How would this work

By placing Dovetail between your old and new application(s) you are creating a layer in which you can handle all sorts of data requests. This layer is independent of the applications that use the data. You will be less dependent on the applications and making the data priority. If you are striving for a best of breed strategy in your application landscape, Dovetail can be the integration layer between the applications you choose. If you have some (soon to be) legacy software, but it will not be replaced one-on-one (yet) you can use Dovetail to make the data available in the other applications where it is needed. If you are looking to ease the migration of (parts of) your application landscape, Dovetail can act as an independent buffer that will ensure your data is available where you need it.

Why would you be renewing?

There can be many reasons to replace (parts of) your current application landscape. We will cover the common ones.

Are you a software producer?

Why would this be interesting to you as a producer of software?

Using an iPaaS will help your customers transition between software products. As a supplier of an application, you want to onboard as many customers as possible. Offering them the additional transitioning and integration services, might just seal the deal.

Using an iPaaS like Dovetail will not take away any of your development resources for your core product. Adopting Dovetail will expand your offering, without having to invest in development resources.

Dovetail as your iPaaS

Besides the fact that Dovetail is a very stable and scalable integration platform, it is also very accessible to use. 

The drag & drop interface allows you to build integrations without needing to use any code. Therefore we call it a no code iPaaS. Thanks to the infinite canvas and the extensive library of opinionated components you don’t have to rely on developers to build the desired integrations.

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