New release Dovetail 4.15

The aim of this new release is to empower the user with more elaborate control options. This required us to look at the backend of Dovetail as well since the stack did not allow what we envisioned.

Backend developments

Dovetail is built on top of the open source Apache Camel framework. The framework does all the data processing in the backend. As Camel is only a framework, it needs a runtime to run the flows in. For a long time we used Apache Karaf, but as this technology got outdated and we wanted more influence on this part, we built our own backend. This backend, like Camel, is completely open source and can be found on GitHub.

What we achieved with the new backend:

Because the backend is now API Driven we can make the frontend and backend work better together – an example in this release is better lifecycle management. After migrating the frontend to React in the previous big release, this is the second major step in modernising the platform and laying the foundation for future developments.

Frontend developments

Most of the improvements were done in the Flow Manager, but also the Flow Designer has some changes. Some existing parts of the application look slightly different or may have been placed in a more logical place. And we added new functionality.

Flow manager

Flow Designer

Overview video

We made a short overview video showing you some of the Frontend improvements. Want to see more? Contact us!

We soon hope to roll the version out to all our existing customers so they can benefit from these improvements as soon as possible.

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