I immediately fell in love with the application

Tako de Jong, the Senior Integration Specialist who fell in love with Dovetail would like to share his view on Dovetail.

About Tako:

The discovery of Integration made easy by Dovetail

“What a mind blowing Apache Camel graphical UI with incorporated versioning of flows and configurations! I immediately fell in love with the tool. Of course, it helps when you have a Java Apache Camel background, but with this magnificent tool, a true no- and low-code web based graphical integration development environment (IDE), you do not need Java coding knowledge.

Dovetail feels very intuitive when you have a bit of general experience in integration patterns and components. As a newbie to Dovetail, it only took me a few hours to craft a fully functional flow to search the Dutch Chamber of Commerce records through their API at and return their JSON responses as valid XML documents.

If I had known about this tool before, I could have skipped Java Spring REST services and Apache Camel through Java IntelliJ IDE and I surely would have skipped that.
With Dovetail you have the complete Swiss army knife of Apache Camel available with configurable drag and drop components with which you can integrate virtually anything. And if it unexpectedly seems impossible, you do have the fallback of coding in Groovy to your disposal, but believe me, most integrations won’t need it.

So why isn’t the whole world using Dovetail (yet)? At present, Dovetail is not entirely enterprise level based. And the people behind Dovetail are being a bit modest.

Dovetail currently aims at small and medium sized businesses and Enterprise business units. The pricing of Dovetail however is only a third of the pricing of their big brother competitors like MuleSoft, Talend, Tibco and others from the Gartner magic quadrant for Enterprise iPaaS.
I strongly believe Dovetail is promised a great future.”

Tako de Jong
Senior Integration Specialist

More about Dovetail iPaaS​​

An iPaaS is an excellent way to support your application integration and thus automation. iPaaS is short for integration Platform as a Service. Dovetail is such a Platform. 

The Dovetail application is a no code, easy to use integration tool that can connect almost anything. 

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