Hub and spoke integration

What does hub & spoke mean?

The hub and spoke concept finds its origin in the logistics industry. To enable them to work more efficiently they started working with central hubs and lines or spokes travelling out of those hubs.

What is hub and spoke?

In hub and spoke integrations you use a centralised repository to integrate your applications by organising the data and where it goes to.

Hub and spoke integration

How is hub and spoke used?

A hub and spoke set up can organise quite some integrations. It is faster than point-to-point integrations. However, for building and maintaining it, you will have to rely on your developers, because they have to create and implement reusable connectors.

What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages?

Where is hub and spoke integration used?

This type of integration architecture is used in businesses that face a high security demand like financial institutions, e-commerce businesses.

Hub and spoke and Dovetail

Dovetail is an iPaaS, it handles data flow differently. iPaaS is both application and data flow integration whereas hub and spoke is more an application integration method. Want to know more about the Dovetail iPaaS, continue reading here.

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