Citizen integrator, who is that?

Who is the citizen integrator, what does that person do and why is it important? How can we recognize the citizen integrator and what is it’s role?

Citizen integrator = process owner, often non-technical. Expert in the departments workflows, data and applications.

A citizen integrator is a domain expert. They have a lot of knowledge of the department they work in; they are familiar with the used applications, the processes and the data involved, they understand what the job-to-be-done entails. Citizen integrators are non-technical, they don’t have programmer skills nor education. Often they have an interest in software applications and they can be tech-savvy.  

Citizen integrators generally have a growth mindset, a neverending curiosity, are eager to learn new tools and have a preference for data transparency.

When speaking of Democratising integration, like we did in this article, we aim at putting the citizen integrator at the center of the project.

What are the benefits of a Citizen integrator in your organisation?

IT projects often fail due to lack of understanding the requirements. Citizen integrators are domain experts, they are intricately familiar with the workflows and the data involved. By putting them in the centre of the project, the chances for success increase enormously.

Because the Citizen integrator is orchestrating the integration projects, they reduce the burden of the IT department. Enabling them to focus on their already lengthy list of tasks and projects.  

The Citizen integrator is an agile person. Because they sit within the organisation, close to the fire, they can quickly respond to market changes. But also support internal requests, which boosts productivity for the team and the organisation. 

The implementation of very knowledge-wide issues becomes a lot more realistic thanks to the citizen integrator because the lead time is drastically shortened. 

What kind of projects can a Citizen integrator do?

What do you need from an integration application and its supplier as a Citizen integrator?

Versatility; the iPaaS needs to be versatile in its application areas. Ideally you have one iPaaS that you can use for all sorts of projects
Dovetail has no predefined connectors, allowing the citizen integrator to make every connection work. After selecting their preferred tooling, people often run into restrictions. With Dovetail you won’t experience that: it is a no code application, however – if required it can be used as low code as well, allowing you to resolve any restriction you might come across.

Flexibility; iPaaS needs to be scalable for a Citizen integrator. He might start off small, but as soon as he gets the hang of it, it must easily scale with the requirements.
Because Dovetail iPaaS is a cloud based application, scaling is easy to do; it simply grows with your requirements.

Support/partner network; for the odd case where it does get too technical or complex for a Citizen integrator, he must have support from the supplier or a partner network that he can rely on. Citizen integrators typically want to learn how to do certain things, to enable them to execute them without continuously using support resources.

Dovetail has a wide partner network that can easily support Citizen integrators. In the Dovetail Academy all sorts of guides, descriptions and best practices can be found.

More about Dovetail iPaaS​

An iPaaS is an excellent way to support your application integration. iPaaS is short for integration Platform as a Service. Dovetail is such a Platform. 

The Dovetail application is a no code, easy to use integration tool that can connect almost anything. 

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