Challenges with entering data in multiple systems


Working with data that needs to be entered into multiple systems can be a challenging task, and there are several pain points that you may encounter in this process.

Let’s take a look at some common pain points and what their impact is. Below we’ll go a bit more into detail about possible solutions. 

1. Data redundancy


Duplicating data across multiple systems can lead to redundancy and inconsistencies.


It can result in data discrepancies and make it difficult to maintain data integrity.

2. Data entry errors


Manual data entry is prone to errors, such as typos, incorrect values, or missing information.


Inaccurate data can lead to faulty analyses and decision-making.

3. Time-consuming


Entering data into multiple systems takes time, especially when the process is manual.


It can slow down workflows and reduce overall productivity.

4. Lack of data consistency


It can slow down workflows and reduce overall productivity.


Inconsistent data across systems can hinder accurate reporting and analysis.

5. Dependency on individuals


If data entry is heavily reliant on specific individuals, there’s a risk of bottlenecks and disruptions if those individuals are unavailable.


Workflows may be delayed, and knowledge silos can develop.

6. Limited automation


Manual data entry processes may lack automation, requiring users to perform repetitive tasks.


This not only increases the likelihood of errors but also wastes valuable human resources on mundane tasks.

7. Training and onboarding


Learning and adapting to multiple systems can be challenging for new employees or those transitioning to different roles.


Increased training time and potential for mistakes during the learning curve.

Addressing these pain points often involves a combination of process optimisation, data governance, system integration, and the use of technology to streamline data entry and management processes.


With Dovetail iPaaS the system integration can be organised. Dovetail can connect to almost any application. It can organise and transform the data to an acceptable format for the receiving application(s). 

Optimising your processes, organising data governance and managing these processes can be done by one of our partners. Depending on the situation they can take care of the entire project, or work with your internal citizen integrator to make sure everything is implemented well and working smoothly.   

More about Dovetail iPaaS​

An iPaaS is an excellent way to support your application integration and thus automation. iPaaS is short for integration Platform as a Service. Dovetail is such a Platform. 

The Dovetail application is a no code, easy to use integration tool that can connect almost anything. 

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