What are the benefits of using an embedded iPaaS platform?


Create focus for your team

Keep your development team focused on your core product and its developments. That is what they do best. 

Projects like building an integration layer will possibly take them quite some time and all of that time can not be dedicated to what actually pays the bills; your application.


Avoid creating an unmanageable application

In house build applications are not easy to manage, especially when it comes to integrations. There are so many variables, end points and rules – without proper documentation it will be dependent on the builder of the application. But what happens when that builder, that developer, leaves your company?


Get integrations to market fast

Because you are adapting an integration solution instead of building one, you have a very short time to market. Just get the settings right and your integration layer is added to your software product.


Drive product expansion

By implementing an embedded iPaaS platform you are driving your product expansion and thus offering. This will provide additional services to your current customers, but might also just weigh in that bit more in the decision of customers looking to buy a software product like yours.


Keep your customers engaged in your application

By offering integration options you keep your customers engaged in your application. They see the added value and are more likely to renew their subscription with you.
If you would not invest in an integration layer, your customers might become a flight risk if your competitors are offering it. Nowadays integration is of vital importance because it makes your customers’ lives easier; less repetitive work and fewer mistakes occur.

Dovetail as your embedded iPaaS

Besides the fact that Dovetail is a very stable and scalable integration platform, it is also very accessible to use. 

The drag & drop interface allows you to build integrations without needing to use any code. Therefore we call it a no code iPaaS. Thanks to the infinite canvas and the extensive library of opinionated components you don’t have to rely on developers to build the desired integrations.

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