Integration made Easy

Dovetail is a low code application with a solid base in Apache Camel. Thanks to the elaborate library of components and the ability to connect to any API or open protocol, Dovetail can be used in any dataflow integration solution.

Endless connections

Integration options are endless; Dovetail works with open protocols like APIs

Quick start

Dovetail is easy to use and you will quickly be on your way with building flows.

No developer

Opinionated no/low code platform therefore no programmer required

Dataflow integration

Dovetail makes data flow from one system into the other and visa versa

Visual designer

A graphic process flow to build integrations makes it easily manageable

Flow Designer

The Dovetail platform is designed in such a way that users have a great overview and experience a great ease of use.

Our Flow Designer offers an extensive component library with endpoints, constructions, routing and transformations – to build your integration flows without coding. Every step in the integration process is done in our intuitive interface in an infinite canvas. Each flow has at least one start point and one or more endpoints. Thanks to this visual approach your integration drawing is your documentation at the same time.

Setting up the message flow can be done by anyone with knowledge of the domain they operate in; no programming knowledge is required. The Flow Manager dashboard allows you to check which flows are active and how they are performing.

How does Dovetail work?

Often data is manually taken from one system and added to another. This manual work is time consuming, prone to errors and there is not much fun in it either. 

With data integration you can connect systems and applications. This can be on the internal network, but also to the outside world. Data starts from a starting point, is transported and transformed as usable data to the end point in a safe and secure way.

Dovetail visualizes these data flows and support building connection on a low code base; no programming knowledge required. 

An iPaaS application

Dovetail is an iPaaS package; integration Platform as a Service. It is a cloud-based integration application that is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. 

It is specifically designed for non-developers because it enables you to build integrations without having to use code, a no-code platform.

This means you can get started really quick; we set-up your account, you get access and you are on your way to build your first flow.

Want to know more?

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What is Apache Camel?

Apache Camel is an open source Java framework that focuses on making integration easier and more accessible to developers.

It is supported by a large community. It is based on Enterprise Integration patterns as described in the book of Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. And Camel has a very extensive library of components.

We use Apache Camel as a basis because this is the framework for integration. We use the functionality and the extensive library of components in our application Dovetail. Whereas Camel requires developer skills and cloud implementation, with our application you don’t need a developer or any programming knowledge. It is a low code application with a visual representation of the integration you are building.