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The standard solution for any possible link with Woocommerce. There are already more than 200 standard integrations (endpoints) available that can be linked to Woocommerce. If you want transactions to the well-known accounting systems, customer data to your favorite CRM system or loyalty points to external loyalty systems, the Woocommerce-Connecter is the ideal solution. Everything fully automated and Real Time.

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Configure in stead of programming

With our integration solution, programming is a thing of the past. All links are configured. The content of the messages is determined together with you. If it is necessary to transform messages to other values, this is of course also possible, as well as setting alternative endpoints. Consider, for example, sending an e-mail in addition to the standard integration or solid error handling.

100% uptime

Successful integrations are completely reliant of the availability of the systems. Our integration platform runs on fully managed systems. Depending on your wishes and/or requirements, additional management and availability options are possible.


No complex programming necessary. Our integration platform is based on configuration based on (well) documented APIs. New integrations, or adjustments, can therefore be realized quickly. We make these integrations for you, from Woocommerce to system “x, y or z” and / or vice versa. As a customer, you indicate what you want to achieve and what your goal is of the integration.

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