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We help wholesalers seize opportunities in a rapidly changing, digital environment. With our focus on digital wholesale, we want to give organizations the confidence to continuously change. Wholesalers always see new opportunities to pursue. We invent, guide and inspire in order for the wholesaler to really seize those opportunities.

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WCG specializes in the business integration of technological innovations within the wholesale market. We help wholesalers maximize the value of technology by connecting it to strategy. We don't have to tell wholesalers that they have to take the step towards digitization. The market simply demands ever faster and more efficient. Based on data. The key lies in the digital connection of organisations, systems and processes. The subject matter is complex and technological developments are moving at lightning speed. That is why we focus completely on digitizing the wholesale trade. We can also supervise any company transformation that results from this. In short, we are the strategic partner with technological baggage. Because we don't have a monopoly on wisdom, we prefer to work together with the people within the wholesale, as one team, on the solution. The knowledge and experiences of our large network of technology suppliers and wholesalers are also at your disposal.

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Organise internal processes to feed the sales channels


Connect WMS to ERP to maximise efficiency


Organise data to sell products through marketplace Mercateo


Manage the entire chain of product data


Reduce manual labour to limit errors and save costs