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Are manual or repetitive tasks too time-consuming? Is software hassle holding back your company’s growth? Are you scaling up but afraid of increasing your workforce instead of your revenue? Automate your business quickly and affordably with Triggre, a complete solution for creating business software tailored to your needs in hours, without developers.

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Triggre is a no-code platform especially designed for SMEs and entrepreneurs who dream big. The easy-to-use interface and smart context-sensitive wizard tools allow you to build advanced and customized business-critical applications in hours without programming. From customer portals, sales management, automated event follow-up, and data management to resource planning, logistic routing or product assembly workflows, everything is possible with Triggre!

Triggre is highly adaptable and can integrate smoothly with existing processes instead of adjusting the company to off-the-shelf software. On top of that, Triggre is easily scalable, has real-time validation that ensures your application always works, is protected against threats, and is one of the most affordable options on the market.

Your business is one step away from becoming everything you dreamed of, and Triggre is here to help you automate processes, save time & money, and boost your revenue!

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