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Optiply ensures that you always order on time and the correct quantity. Increase product availability, reduce inventory costs and purchase more efficiently. It optimizes inventory by continuously analyzing the latest sales and saves a lot of time by automating inefficient manual processes.

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We work on: A global, autonomous and sustainable supply chain. As part of living their best student life back in 2015, Wiebe and Sander decided to start a webshop as a side business. Even though sustaining a webshop is fun, it is also hard work and purchasing can take a lot of time. They realised the significant impact that inefficient purchasing had on the environment. After making all the rookie mistakes of placing too many— too few—orders and taking a lot of time to do so, they decided there had to be a better way of getting this done. “Work smarter, not harder”, is what they thought. That’s when Optiply, the AI purchasing algorithm, was born to not only save them time, but now also save over 400 shops time and money—and most importantly, to create a more sustainable supply chain.

Our collaboration with Dovetail makes it possible to carry out implementations at lightning speed and without complications for our customers and partners. This allows us to focus on the commercial side with confidence, knowing that Dovetail assists us in integrating new systems. Whether these are web shop systems, warehouse software (WMS) or ERPs.

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