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NocodeBuddies is a consultancy and development agency helping organizations with their digital transformation using no-code solutions.

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NocodeBuddies guide businesses towards digital transformation using no-code tools and leveraging exchange of experience.

NocodeBuddies view assignments not as projects, but rather as travel adventures to the “cloud world”, the world of UDI. This framework is based on the book that was co-written by Bouwe Koopal. UDI stands for:

  • Use web applications that are available and easy to implement
  • Develop web applications if they are not yet available in the right form
  • Integrate all web applications to store information only once

NocodeBuddies work primarily with no-code tools from the 3 continents of the world of UDI.

Their approach combines the skills and experience of senior consultants (senior buddies) with junior talent (junior buddies) in the so-called Buddy concept.

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