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Modis Software was founded by Wilfred Hagenaars, who has extensive work experience and knowledge of logistics processes and their automation. The step to entrepreneurship in this sector was a logical one for him. In 1994 they started using and further developing Modis® for the fashion market.

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The Modis® package for the fashion market has a long history. The first impetus for the original version was already given in the mid-eighties. With the advancement of technology, the need for new and more extensive options soon arose, among users and at Modis Software. In 1998, the development of PC-Modis® cash register software was therefore started, with which the first customer started in 1999. The number of satisfied users has now reached a respectable number and is still growing.

Developments in the automation sector are moving fast. In order to keep up with these and stay ahead, Modis Software started in 2000 with a completely new setup of Modis® oriented to Windows. The first phase of this was put into operation in March 2002, resulting in very positive reactions.

With the completion of the various other modules, the Modis® POS system can now rightly be called the total solution for the fashion, textile, sports and shoe industry. Modis Software is continuously working on expanding and further refining the cash register systems. We work intensively with various colleague IT companies like Dovetail.

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