Infrastructural spaghetti

One of the main aims of Dovetail 4.15 was to make life easier for the user. Lucas, our frontend developer shares his story about overcoming a specific part of the user interface. Lucas: In the former Dovetail versions we had a few actions that could only be done in the Flow Manager like stop, pause, […]

Frontend challenge

One of the main aims of Dovetail 4.15 was to make life easier for the user. Lucas, our frontend developer shares his story about overcoming a specific part of the user interface. Lucas: In the former Dovetail versions we had a few actions that could only be done in the Flow Manager like stop, pause, […]

How to replace a library from 2010?

The challenge One of the most encountered use cases for Dovetail is converting XML to JSON. To do this, users provide XML in a specific format, which is then converted to JSON. The main problem? This component is based on the json-lib library, a library that has not been updated since 2010. Next problem: This […]

If you don’t test restores, you don’t have backups

It is as simple as the title suggests: “If you don’t test restores, you don’t have backups.” Back in the days making backups wasn’t as trivial as today. Complex procedures, expensive storage, slow restores and performance impact made backups not the best conversation topic. Today however with the power of the Cloud and services provided […]

Why did we introduce test automation?

In the world of software development in general and application and data integration software in particular, quality is a crucial aspect. Ensuring the functionality, reliability and predictability of software and the responses is essential for delivering a product that meets user expectations. Integrations should process messages identically after a software update as it did before […]

New release Dovetail 4.15

The aim of this new release is to empower the user with more elaborate control options. This required us to look at the backend of Dovetail as well since the stack did not allow what we envisioned. Backend developments Dovetail is built on top of the open source Apache Camel framework. The framework does all […]

Automated processing of all sales order related flows

As a sales organisation, you aim for a streamlined business process where the ‘perfect order’ is fulfilled: a delivery of the right products, at the right price, at the right time, and in the right place. It helps if sales orders you receive are of good quality and can be processed in the same manner. […]

Challenges with entering data in multiple systems

Working with data that needs to be entered into multiple systems can be a challenging task, and there are several pain points that you may encounter in this process. Let’s take a look at some common pain points and what their impact is. Below we’ll go a bit more into detail about possible solutions.  1. […]

The impact of human error rates in manual data entry across multiple systems

In today’s data-driven world, accurate and reliable information is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions. However, the process of manual data entry, especially across multiple systems, introduces a significant risk of human error. Let’s explore the implications of human error rates in manual data entry and provide some insights backed by reliable sources. Human […]

Digitising document flow

Many organizations have to cope with incoming documents that don’t fit (digitally) with the internal automation processes. This can be PDF or Excel files of orders at a wholesaler, written work slips in installation companies, confirmations of order acknowledgements and purchase orders. Specifically with periodically repeating documents, processing by hand can be very time consuming. […]

Citizen integrator, who is that?

Who is the citizen integrator, what does that person do and why is it important? How can we recognize the citizen integrator and what is it’s role? Citizen integrator = process owner, often non-technical. Expert in the departments workflows, data and applications. A citizen integrator is a domain expert. They have a lot of knowledge […]

Democratise integration

We noticed the term Democratise integration in The Forrester Wave: Integration Platforms As A Service, Q3 2023. Which is an article that is worth reading, by the way. The term is used to describe who, which role, should be at the centre of integration projects when aiming for a smooth process; the citizen integrator. At […]

The three pillars of success in integration projects

Focussing on business processes and the people behind them Integration projects are intricate endeavours that require a harmonious balance between technology, business processes, and the people who work with them and implement them. While technology plays a vital role, it is just one piece of the puzzle.  In this blog, we want to emphasise the […]

New: OAuth2 component

A while ago we already published a post about OAuth2 replacing basic authentication. In that post, we announced some components that will make it a lot easier to set up authentication. The components are now available! In the following lines we will recap on what OAuth2 is, why it’s so important, and how and where […]

Why not build something with Apache Camel instead of using iPaaS?

When deciding whether to use Apache Camel or an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, several factors come into play. We would like to go over a couple and see how they compare to Dovetail, our iPaaS solution. 1. Complexity Apache Camel Apache Camel is a robust integration framework that excels at handling complex […]

Enhancing efficiency and agility with iPaaS

Today, IT companies face numerous challenges, including scarcity of skilled developers and the need for faster development cycles. To overcome these hurdles, many organisations are turning to Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions. iPaaS offers a host of advantages over traditional programming, enabling businesses to streamline their integration processes, enhance productivity, and achieve faster […]

Why spend time on application integration now?

It is an investment in time, money and other resources, how does this relate to not doing it or later? We see a couple of reasons why application integration is crucial now. Digital transformation In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations are increasingly adopting new technologies and software solutions to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and meet […]

The flexibility of Dovetail

Unleashing creativity with no-code simplicity and low-code power In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking flexible and customisable solutions to meet their unique needs. Dovetail offers a powerful combination of no-code simplicity and low-code flexibility. Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface and opinionated components, Dovetail empowers users to build tailored integrations while remaining […]

What are the benefits of using an embedded iPaaS platform?

1 Create focus for your team Keep your development team focused on your core product and its developments. That is what they do best.  Projects like building an integration layer will possibly take them quite some time and all of that time can not be dedicated to what actually pays the bills; your application. 2 […]

What is embedded iPaaS?

Embedded iPaaS An embedded integration platform, or embedded iPaaS, is a set of tools that enables a software company to quickly build reusable, configurable integrations and deliver them to its customers as a seamless part of its application ecosystem. An embedded iPaaS is an end-to-end platform with everything SaaS companies need to build integrations, deploy […]