Dovetail 4.15: Scripting changes

The Dovetail integration platform comes with extensive support for expressions and scripting. With the introduction of the new backend, we also upgraded some of these languages to newer versions.

Dovetail 4.15: The new backend

We believe that the new runtime will provide Dovetail with a better base for new functionality and faster upgrades to new Camel versions.

Dovetail 4.15: 3 highlights

The latest change of the integration platform Dovetail is version 4.15.0. This was released in April 2024 and saw many changes. In this blog, three changes are highlighted: Lifecycle Management, Flow Versions, Manager Overview. All of these changes are meant to make designing and managing integration flows easier. For every feature we do a comparison […]

Moving towards open source, journey of a SaaS company

Like all companies, we at, use a lot of open source. These are languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Java), frameworks (React, Spring, Camel) and lots of libraries. We are definitely not the only one. Open source software is driving most cloud companies.