Looking to integrate NetSuite with other applications?

Are you looking for more elaborate integration functionalities for your customers that go beyond the standard offering in the Hubspot Marketplace? 

As a specialised Hubspot company, we can imagine you often get questions about integration between 2 or more applications. Dovetail can do exactly that and a lot more.

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Netsuite related integrations


Dovetail is a no-code integration platform (iPaaS) that allows non-developers to build reusable integrations for your customers. You build the integration in a very user-friendly interface as in a flowchart.

By setting up the integration with your software brand once – as a building block – half the work is already done. You can then immediately start working on the details of your customers integration request. And for your next customer.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“We need more flexibility in our integrations”

“Building integrations is complex and time consuming”

Building integrations distracts us from our core activities”

“Integrations are more about the people and the processes”

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite offers a large portfolio of solutions from ERP to CRM, from HR to accounting applications. Even though there is a wide array of applications, in many organisations using an Oracle NetSuite application still have an integration requirement. 

Those integration requirements can occur because the organisation was already using a certain application outside the Oracle NetSuite solutions, or they are using one with other of different functionalities that might suit their processes better than adding a native product. 

In these situations you need an integration application to support your customer in their quest to smooth their business processes. In stead of programming or building something yourself, we would like to suggest to use Dovetail. Within Dovetail you can easily, and quickly build the integration your customer is waiting for!

Dovetail, the integration application


Drag & drop 

Dovetail has a drag & drop interface, allowing you to visually build the flow of data from the one application to the other.

Dovetail has opinionated components, which means the are pre-set to the most used settings. This is, again, helping you to build the desired flows as easy as possible.

Once you have build a flow from a certain endpoint, in this case a NetSuite product, you can easily save this and use it for other customers as well. You will then only have to adapt it to the receiving endpoint(s). 

An addition to your offering

Dovetail can become an addition to the offering you already have on Oracle NetSuite applications. 

Dovetail can connect to any other applications – it even becomes the best option you can choose, when connected to multiple applications. 

You can read more about Dovetail iPaaS here

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