Dovetail technology

Dovetail has a solid base in Apache Camel. We have chosen this open source library because it best suits our needs and values.

Why choose open source?

Open source technology is fueled by the power of the community behind it. The community transcends geographical borders, political or cultural (dis)beliefs and corporate or personal agendas. The goal of the community is solely aimed at improving the product. And, as Linus’s law states “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”. Something similar can be said for the experience the community brings to the product. Many already established parts of a product or pieces of code, can be re-used because the community has already seen the proven effect of these parts.

What to watch for with open source libraries?

When choosing open source libraries we look at the following characteristics:

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Why choose Apache Camel?

Firstly Apache Camel is a versatile open source integration framework based on the known Enterprise Integration Patterns from the book of Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, and newer integration patterns from microservice architectures.
Besides that; it runs everywhere: standalone, embedded as a library and in clouds. And it is packed with components that are used to access databases, message queues, API’s or basically anything – supporting the integration purpose.

There is a large community behind Apache Camel continuously developing the product. There are multiple projects related to Apache Camel which demonstrates the development power behind it. Of all these projects, Camel is the single most used Apache project.
Apache Camel is registered with the Apache software foundation.

It technically meets our requirements and it ticks the open source box. Choosing Apache Camel means we can rely on a well known and developed product in the base of Dovetail.

Our own development team can focus on building from this platform towards the Dovetail iPaaS that we bring to market supporting our premise Integration made Easy.