Cookie policy

Privacy-sensitive data, or personal data, are processed via the Dovetail website.


Dovetail considers careful handling of personal data of great importance. Personal details of customers and visitors are therefore handled with the utmost care and secured. Dovetail adheres to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and other privacy legislation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that a website leaves on your computer. The website instructs the web browser that you use to view websites to store these cookies on your computer.

Dovetail uses cookies to facilitate navigation in the website, to analyze the use of the website and to optimize the website.

How can you refuse cookies?

You are always entitled to refuse cookies. You can set your web browser to refuse all cookies or only certain cookies (consult the manual of your web browser). If you refuse cookies, it is possible that certain services are not available to you.