Janshen-Hahnraths: More jackpot, more cash

Updating the application landscape

Janshen-Hahnraths Group is a strong player in the Dutch slot machine industry with around 60 years of expertise. The group is best known for its more than 40 Fair Play Casinos. The ultimate casino for the real player and also the winner of the “Best Casino of the Netherlands 2017”. In addition to the operation of these casinos, the group is also involved in the development of (online) game concepts, the wholesale trade in and the hospitality operation of gaming machines. The company also prepares for online activities in countries where there is a legal basis for this. Among other things, more and more data-driven applications are being added where real-time communication is crucial.

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How can we migrate existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape?


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Client issue

To be able to keep up with the changes and innovation, Janshen-Hahnraths was looking for a solution in which low-code and therefore rapid integration are important. The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an stable integration platform.

Our solution

As a Dovetail reseller, Kabisa initially set up a Proof of Concept to prove its simplicity and development speed. Kabisa then provided the set-up of Dovetail and training for the employees of Janshen-Hahnraths. Since then, integrations can be implemented without intervention from Kabisa.

To ensure that communication runs smoothly, the work was mainly carried out on location at Janshen-Hahnraths. The training sessions were face-to-face and interactive. Thanks to Kabisa’s knowledge sharing, employees of Janshen-Hahnraths were able to set up their own systems and set up desired process flows in no time.

What are the results for the customer?

It is expected that Janshen-Hahnraths will connect many new, innovative systems in the near future. This includes Artificial Intelligence, face recognition and other big data applications.

Furthermore, Kabisa does not have to provide much support on this; the customer is fully capable of connecting an unlimited number of new end points himself. The possibilities are endless.

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