Terrasana: That’s positive eating!

Supply adequate data to internal systems and customers

Organic food is Terrasana’s passion. They would like to see you enjoy pure and honest products. And plant-based food? That is the future, they believe. That’s why almost all of their 436 products are vegan. This way you do something good for yourself and the world around you every day. That’s positive eating!

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How can we supply adequate product information to our customers and our internal systems?


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Client issue

Within Terrasana, there was a challenge to provide internal systems, but especially their customers, with adequate product information. They wanted to do this in a way that would allow them to become self-supporting and maintain their own systems.

Our solution

Together with our partner BZTRS, they put Beeyond into use, and they independently ensured that an FAQ module was built and that a recipe module was set up in it. In addition to Beeyond, they also started working with Dovetail to realize an article feed both to their own website and to a number of central article files. As a result, all organic stores are facilitated with the correct product information.

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