STAXS: Contamination Control Experts

Reduce manual labour to limit errors and save costs

STAXS is a full-range supplier of products in the field of contamination control. From caps to overshoes and from gloves to visitor jackets. Products such as disinfectants and (cleanroom) wipes are also part of their range. In addition, STAXS offers various services, including a cleanroom cleaning service and trainings. STAXS provides a full-range package of products to people active in a critical environment. Their largest customers are companies with cleanrooms, such as the pharmaceutical industry, bioengineering and hospital pharmacies.

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How can we reduce manual labour in order to limit error susceptibility and to save costs?


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Client issue

STAXS came to our partner, WCG, with the following request: We are looking for a solution to reduce manual labour in order to limit error susceptibility and to save costs.

Processing all sales orders was a daily challenge for STAXS. The sales back office at STAXS in Heerenveen and Aartselaar consists of nine sales employees and two order processors. Slowly but surely, the need arose for fewer manual sales order inputs. This would also simplify scheduling the staff during peaks and sick leaves. The freed time could be spent better and more efficiently, on matters such as customer support.

Our solution

In addition to a scan and recognition solution, which is capable of simply retrieving PDF files from a source (such as the general sales@ e-mail inbox) and translating it to digital information with a predefined scan layout, the company also opted for the Dovetail data integration solution.

The digitized sales order is offered in XML format to the integration platform of Dovetail. The integration solution of Dovetail is in turn connected to the sales order connector of Agresso Wholesale. Where needed, the Dovetail application and data integration first transforms, validates and enriches the information, so that Agresso Wholesale can correctly process the sales order. Think of issues such as determining the correct delivery address, the conversion of units (and their numbers) and debtor’s products.

Ony the sales order lines that cannot be processed are reported at the back office of the organisation. This allows the back office to focus on the exceptions, while all correct sales order lines are automatically processed in Agresso Wholesale

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