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Organise internal processes to feed the sales channels

Rivièra Maison is a high-quality interior brand that serves a wide audience and with which the target group has a feel-good association. Exclusivity, atmosphere and service are the core values. Exclusivity is possible by designing the entire collection of more than 3,000 products yourself. There is plenty of inspiration and ideas from the “man behind Rivièra Maison” Henk Teunissen and are gained in major world cities but also in rural Provence. Building a collection that radiates warmth and is exclusive remains one of the pillars of Rivièra Maison.

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How can we support maximum flexibility in data structures and could also lead in the management of all related product data, including images, documents, videos, HTML texts, features and formats?


Realised by

Client issue

Individual systems and files

The process of idea, designing, sampling, packaging and final realization was not previously recorded in one central system. The various employees who play a role in creating successful collections worked with their own versions and saved files with, for example, images in separate locations.
Towards the end of the process it was an intensive job to get all relevant and current information together. One version of the truth was missing and even at interim moments people sometimes did not know where they stood.

Better cooperation

Over the years, more and more different sales channels have emerged and especially the digital channels demand good find-ability and conversion and fast availability of rich product data. This requires more cooperation between the teams and colleagues, especially in the development and product management process where ultimately a lot of current data (purchasing, logistics, sales, marketing) must come together.
Ultimately, there was also efficiency gains to be made by facilitating better information transfer in cooperation and preventing the sometimes duplication of work.

Feeding sales channels

With an ambitious omnichannel strategy in which the physical stores, B2B and B2C web shops are more directly linked to the back office (financial, logistics, sales promotions, CRM), success is partly determined by clear data definition and good data quality. An architecture in which article data can feed the different front office systems in real time was needed.

Our solution

Maximum flexibility

Rivièra Maison was looking for a solution that could support maximum flexibility in data structures and could also lead in the management of all related product data, including images, documents, videos, HTML texts, features and formats. This has all been achieved in the standard solution from Beeyond with the help of Dovetail.

Leading system for product data

Beeyond is the leading system for all product data and publishes this data to the ERP system, from which purchase orders, sales orders and logistical transactions are carried out.
The product data then goes through the use of Dovetail to the sales channels set up for this, including the Rivièra Maison B2B and B2C web shops, but also trading platforms such as Wehkamp and Bol.com.

Within Beeyond, the “only truth of a product” is now managed, enriched and made available to all other systems. Thanks to Dovetails two-way integration (closed-loop) between Beeyond and Rivièra Maison’s ERP system (Unit4 Wholesale), nobody has to make manual changes to either of these systems.

In addition to the ERP, the WMS, B2C and B2B webshop, analytics and various online channels of trading partners are also provided with this (enriched) rich data from Beeyond.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Better management of the product development process
  • Better collaboration between teams and colleagues
  • Clear data definition and improved data quality
  • Acceleration in having current product data available
  • Efficiency strokes in article management
  • Foundation for further roll-out of omnichannel strategy
  • Supporting the brand experience

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