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How to send a newsletter that matches the recipient’s interests?

Together with our partner Converge IT, Marco Mols, we embarked on this assignment.

Praktizijns-Sociëteit used MailChimp to handle their mailings. A general newsletter was sent to subscribers with the growing belief that the content should be more relevant. 

The aim of the assignment was to offer subscribers targeted content in a newsletter based on their areas of interest. Recipients can indicate these areas of interest when subscribing to the newsletter. For current content, publications on are used.

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How can we send a newsletter with personalised, relevant content?


Realised by

Client issue

The classification of articles on does not match subscribers' areas of interest in MailChimp. Every newsletter subscriber should find matching articles in the newsletter based on his/her area(s) of interest. The newsletter contains multiple articles.

The process of composing the newsletter and sending it, must be fully automated.

Our solution

  • A cloud database was set up on Praktizijns-Sociëteit's web server to store and update's content in a structured way, especially the relationship between magazines, categories and articles
  • Since's API provides data for only a short period of time, the tables in the database are updated daily, thus preserving data for mailing over a longer period of time
  • The user maintains an Excel sheet that matches's categories with the subscriber's areas of interest (area of law). This structure enriches the previously retrieved data from in the SQL db
  • There is now a match at article level between the subscriber's areas of interest and the available articles from
  • Subscribers are updated daily from MailChimp, so a mailing could be sent every day
  • For each subscriber with a valid e-mail address, articles with their links are selected based on area(s) of interest and the set period
  • In Dovetail, the HTML header and footer are defined in variables, these can be changed as needed
  • In Dovetail, HTML formatting has been added in a variable where the text is merged from SQL
  • Now MailChimp is used exclusively for registering subscribers and newsletter subscriptions
  • Dovetail sends one email per subscriber, with multiple articles and per article a link to the full article on

Interesting note

Even though this is an a-typical application from an integration consultant’s perspective, this case gives great insights into the flexibility of the tool used and the creativity of the builders. The builders have chosen tooling that allows them to "read and write" and be sure that the end result is achieved sustainably. In the end, it is all about the client having a solution to their problem within budget.

The client: Praktzijns-Sociëteit, the legal knowledge centre, since 1837

The Praktizijns-Sociëteit aims to serve as an association and service provider for knowledge and training for the legal profession and notaries throughout the Netherlands. The Praktizijns-Sociëteit continuously improves its services and aims to be an attractive party for lawyers and notaries to join.

About was one of the first websites for lawyers in the Netherlands in 1998. They have been targeting legal professionals - and teachers and law students - with professional information for more than 25 years. They provide their services daily to thousands of lawyers, as well as corporate lawyers, provinces and municipalities, the Supreme Court, the Council of State and Het Juridisch Loket. Find out more at

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