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Manage product data independent of their stock location

Trends & Trade is the lifestyle wholesale centre for professionals in the home, gift and garden industry. With over 20,000 m2, Trends & Trade is the most complete lifestyle wholesale centre of The Netherlands. Its giant range is focused on the retailers in the home, gift and garden industry and on interior professionals. Over 180 exhibitors jointly have over 500,000 products stalled at Trends & Trade. Each exhibitor has its own space, where you can find their products.

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How do we manage our data centrally, yet independent of location?


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Client issue

The reason for the collaboration between Trends & Trade and Beeyond is the huge and still growing quantity of product data and the need for managing the data centrally, yet independent of location. An important condition for this is that each exhibitor must be able to manage their product information independently without having access to the product data of the other exhibitors.

Our solution

Implement a PIM system combined with an integration solution, allowing all data to be managed and mutated centrally, yet independent of location and by each exhibitor seperately. It is important that product data can be mutated quickly, and that data can easily be changed in bulk, for example for temporary price campaigns.

A list of important benefits:

  • Data is managed faster and simpler
  • Data can be managed separately by each exhibitor
  • Data can be changed in bulk
  • Data is current and available worldwide

What Trends & Trade says about us

“An important condition to us was that our exhibitors gained access to parts of the data and that the data could be easily shared with other internal systems and our web store.”

Maurice Riemens
IT Manager

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