Ter Steege: Supplier of pottery, souvenirs and lifestyle items

Manage the entire chain of product data

Our partner WCG has used the PIM system (Product Information Management system) from Beeyond in combination with the Dovetail integration platform to feed the chain and its internal systems at their client Ter Steege.

The focus is on integration with the ERP system Unit4 Wholesale.

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How can we guarantee the quality of the product data throughout the entire chain and for feeding other internal systems such as shelf plan software, catalog system, WMS and ERP?


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Client issue

For data-driven strategy, the foundation must be in order

The quality of product data is of great importance for communication throughout the entire chain and for feeding other internal systems such as shelf plan software, catalog system, WMS and ERP. The Beeyond PIM system has been implemented to properly structure, maintain and integrate product data.

Ter Steege has formulated a clear business strategy, based on a clear vision of the changing market environment, in which digitization and putting the data foundation in order take an important place.

The following objectives have been formulated from this strategy:

  • Accelerating the availability of product data around collections;
  • Creating a single version of the truth instead of working with loose and quickly outdated Excel sheets;
  • Increasing efficiency in managing product data;
  • Delegating responsibilities with regard to the quality of product data;
  • Easily integrate into existing and new channels with excellent product data.

PIM instead of ERP as a central hub requires a new vision

In addition to implementing the Beeyond PIM system, a new vision of the application landscape has also emerged. In order to achieve the objectives, there has been an awareness that the PIM system must also act as a central hub to feed the various internal systems, market portals and online platforms. This allows you to actually create topicality and a version of the truth in all relevant systems and channels.

Our solution

Integration of both systems is the most complex

One of the most complex integrations from a PIM system is that with ERP. A possible error in product data has a direct impact on the primary process of a trading company. Because ERP is an integrated software system, it works through in many sub-processes. Completeness and the correct delivery of product data is necessary to establish a new product with the correct financial, logistical and commercial characteristics, similar to the design of the ERP.

An export is set up from the PIM system that is picked up, translated and offered to the connector by the Dovetail integration platform.

The following step-by-step plan was followed for integration:

  • Coordination of data models PIM and ERP by means of mapping: With specialized mapping software, the translation of the data model from the PIM to the ERP is recorded.
  • Ensuring the quality of the data foundation: Before the PIM could be made leading, various checks were made with the Dovetail integration platform to visualize and correct differences in data between the PIM and the ERP.
  • Integration through product connector realized: The actual integration has been realized on the product connector of Agresso Wholesale / Unit4 Wholesale. After a first total update, the mutations are now transferred from the PIM to the ERP environment several times a day.
  • Control on the exception: Any errors are passed on by e-mail to the responsible data manager. In order to guarantee maximum quality, Dovetail periodically checks whether the data is the same in both systems.

Key benefits at a glance

With Dovetail, Ter Steege has now also integrated the PIM system with the catalog system and several business cases will be rolled out in the future, with the emphasis on providing product data to customers.

The project contributes to the realization of the mission to be distinctive as a wholesaler and remain in a supply chain that is becoming faster and more dynamic due to digitization. In addition to being a wholesaler and a reliable logistics hub for goods, a high-quality and open data hub offers new added value and growth opportunities for emerging channels.

The Dovetail integration platform connects data and systems and makes far-reaching digitization and automation of mostly manual processes possible.

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