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Implementation of a new secure data protocol

The ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland is the first MBO to use the EduConnector, the cloud solution for the link between the ECK-iD and digital teaching materials. This allows the educational institution to securely share student identity information, which is a prerequisite for GDPR compliance.

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How can we implement ECK iD, the new secure student data protocol?


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Client issue

The ECK iD helps schools to safely handle data exchange between the digital learning environments and other school related software like student administration. The ECK iD is currently being phased in in the Dutch school system. MBO's like ROC Amsterdam are step by step getting on board with this new protocol. In fact ROC Amsterdam is the first MBO to do so. And they faced integration challenges. Veldwerk helpt to get the answer.  

Our solution

What is ECK iD?

The aim of the ECK iD is to exchange personal data of students between educational institutions and suppliers of digital learning materials safely and anonymously. The ECK iD is a unique number that is assigned to students who use this identification number to use digital learning resources without their activities being traceable to a person. The introduction of the ECK iD also ensures so-called data minimization, because less personal data needs to be sent from one system to another. This also ensures increased privacy for students.

Introduction of ECK iD in MBO schools

The introduction of the ECK iD in MBO is a challenging project for many educational institutions. Although the first student information systems (SIS) are connected to Number Provision, the integration of the ECK iD in the MBO is not yet a reality. Therefore, it is not yet immediately available for access to and use of digital teaching materials. With the EduConnector, Veldwerk offers the solution that enables MBO institutions to take this step. The ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland is very enthusiastic about this.

EduConnector; the missing link

The EduConnector creates a link between the ECK iD and the educational content chain. The solution is a so-called ‘SCIM listening service’ that listens 24/7 for changes in the student administration system of the ROC and then stores them in a database in Microsoft Azure.

What ROC says about our solution

MBO schools must comply with the privacy covenant that was drawn up by Edu-K, the platform in which the various parties in the education chain work together on a safe and well-functioning educational chain, and we wanted to take responsibility for this quickly. DWE ICT made this possible.

Suzan Tessels
Manager Innovation and Integration / Education ICT

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