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Wiltec’s roots lie in the professional paint shop, for example from the wood and furniture industry to the automotive industry. In order to be able to serve our customers better and better, our specialty and product range has expanded further over the years. We started supplying more and more different branches and industries from different product groups. This means that Wiltec is now a total supplier for many different companies, with the specialism that the various product groups demand and with the focus always on quality, service and targeted solutions for customers.

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How do we integrate the new WMS with the existing ERP application of Unit4?


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Client issue

In 2018 Wiltec opted for the purchase and implementation of a best-of-breed WMS. The choice was made for Van Boxtel’s WMS solution to shape the growth ambitions and need for further acceleration and optimization in the warehouse. With this choice and further preparations, the need to integrate this new WMS with the existing ERP application of Unit4 soon became apparent. In the scoping and designing of this link it soon became clear that a substantial investment in customization would have to be needed on the Unit4 ERP side. Apart from the investment and the annual costs, it is also less desirable because it would lose flexibility; it would not be easy and cost-effective to grow along with the new versions and updates on the Unit4 side as well as not taking maximum advantage of future developments at Van Boxtel.

Our solution

With the deployment of the Dovetail integration platform, the required customization on Unit4 could be scrapped. With the Dovetail iPaaS, the complete integration of all process flows is connected to the existing connectivity of both applications. In total there are more than 20 process flows / integration components from exchanging master data, item data, delivery addresses and purchase orders, pre-receipts, goods receipt processing, to warehouse receipts, movements, assembly orders and stock correction and stock status.

The Dovetail integration platform is also used for the integration between Unit4 ERP and the Slim4 application for inventory and purchasing management. The integration platform will also be used in the future to digitize and automate the various transaction processes from the various sales channels.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Creating a flexible shell in the application landscape of Wiltec
  • Primaire and secondary Applications as far as possible to the standard and avoiding the costs and complexity of customization.
  • Keeping up with innovations of the application suppliers and safeguarding existing investments in primary and secondary applications
  • An integration platform such as iPaaS in a private domain with which the digital Wiltec’s strategy and growth ambitions can be supported
  • Best of both worlds from an integration platform in which Wiltec can build new links itself, and can also benefit from the new business cases and experiences that are realized in the wholesale network

We achieve synergy with the integration platform by sharing innovations

On the Dovetail integration platform we build integration components with available process flows and interfaces. In addition to the basic Dovetail integration and transport technology, an integration component has built-in mappings (common data format) and intelligence (validation, transformation and enrichment) from a proven practice.

We standardize the integration components that we develop on the platform as much as possible. We also reuse parts of existing components in new integration components. By working intensively with the users, we continue to develop the integration components.

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