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Bakeplus, a leading supplier of a wide range for bakers, confectioners, patissiers, ice cream makers and food companies, has created its own data pool with product information in collaboration with our partner WCG. A supplier who understands that customers are entrepreneurs. Make conscious choices from the varied range and quality requirements, with guaranteed product safety. Who knows that correct delivery can make the difference for entrepreneurs.

A reputation that they have carefully built up and are happy to uphold.

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How do we take control of the management of complete and up-to-date product information?


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Client issue

Due to Bakeplus’ ambition to further grow its online services, the need to take control of the management of complete and up-to-date product information became ever greater.

In order to achieve this, they wanted a solution that was flexible enough to design according to your wishes. There was also the need to realize a full interface with the Unit4 Wholesale back office system and various integrations with the e-commerce system. Finally, there is already a data pool available within the food industry called PS in Foodservice, in which many manufacturers publish product information.

Our solution

Beeyond PIM turned out to be the solution that met all these needs and was implemented in a short time.

Bakeplus has decided to manage its own data pool and at the same time embrace the data pool of PS in Foodservice. This process is now fully automated and requires no further effort. Bakeplus is also expanding its data pool with additional products and associated product information that is relevant for further online growth.

All integrations made have been realized through Dovetail iPaaS.

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