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Automate internet orders into ERP

Pets Place is the largest pet specialist store of The Netherlands, with over 200 stores throughout the country and a product range of over 10,000 products for pets and farm animals in their web store. The other label of parent company IJsvogel Retail is Boerenbond, specialised in yards and yard maintenance, which has 67 stores (always combined with a Pets Place location).

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How can we enter our internet orders into our Dynamics AX system?


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Client issue

At first, IJsvogel Retail only wanted to set up an integration that picked up the internet orders from their website and offered them to their ERP system (Dynamics AX) after converting them. We designed this integration together with IJsvogels Retail with a lead time of 2 working days. IJsvogel was so enamoured by the use of Dovetail, that they have since installed over 90 automated process flows themselves.

Our solution

They searched for a solution to apply more structure and were introduced to Dovetail through our partner Kabisa. After a Dovetail environment was created for IJsvogel, their own IT department could get started with independently creating the desired process flows. They did so with great enthusiasm and discovered more and more of the possibilities offered by Dovetail.

For example, they have mapped out their full application landscape, and named and prioritised all their active (scripts, files etc.) and desired interfaces.

Thanks to the use of Dovetail, their transaction and behavioural data from various sources is stored, de-duplicated, unified and enriched. The underlying Dynamics AX database connects the checkout system in the stores, the web store, the e-mail service platform Copernica Marketing Software, and the mobile app.

What were the results for the customer?

Thanks to their use of Dovetail, IJsvogel no longer needed to separately program each connection. Instead, the IT department could create all desired process flows by using the simple drag & drop function.

They are currently finishing their list of to-be realised integrations, and 90 process flows are currently already active. They also make optimal use of the Bol.com component for The Netherlands and Belgium: they do not only offer their product range, but they also make use of the full process integration (orders, shipments, cancellations, etc.).

A list of significant benefits

  • All process flows (scripts), which had to be programmed manually before, are now displayed clearly in one system
  • All changes are secured and are visible for all parties involved

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