We love partnership

You bring the knowledge, we deliver the tool,
together we make integrations work.

We work with different types of partners; Resellers such as IT companies with specific branch or technological knowledge or OEM partners with an integration desire. We also work with citizen developers and referral partners. We aim for long lasting relationships in which we can share knowledge and continue to build on our integration solution.

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What are you looking for?

Become an OEM partner!

What’s in it for me?

Using Dovetail as an integration layer to your software product will support the sales of your own application. Not just the integration opportunity that it brings, but also the support role it can take in the adaptation and implementation process with new customers, can be a game changer. All this while your internal team can maintain their focus on your software product – that is their strength and you want to keep their focus on developing and maintaining your application.

How do I become a partner?

Once we have gone through the steps to evaluate if we can be of added value to each other, we record this in an agreement.

What does this process look like?


We like to start with a first meeting with Erik Greefhorst. He is very into integrations and loves to hear about the challenges you face with your application. He can demonstrate what the added value of using Dovetail could be for you and he will also show you the application itself.


If, after this meeting, you are still enthusiastic about our iPaaS Dovetail, you might want to schedule another demo meeting with other members of your team present to evaluate if Dovetail is the right fit.


We can look at the pricing together and based on the foreseen integrations, make an estimate for you


Ideally we will then look for the first project where we can set up the integration together with you. Our consultants will offer support whilst you build, sharing his knowledge and bestpractices.


Let’s schedule a meeting to learn more about the possibilities for you to become a partner of Dovetail.


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