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Dovetail is a low code application with a solid base in Apache Camel. Thanks to the elaborate library of components and the ability to connect to any API or open protocol, Dovetail can be used in any dataflow integration solution. 

The types of
partners we have


IT companies with specific branch or technology knowledge, Citizen Developers

OEM partners

Partners with their own software product looking for an integration extension

Referral partners

IT company with a specialisation outside integration who refer to us for just that

Key advantages for becoming a partner


We offer a low code integration platform that, with your support, will help to solve your customers integration challenges.


Whilst building up your experience with Dovetail, you will also create re-usable building blocks that you can use for your other customers too.


You get to support your customers with their integration challenges in the best possible way; you know your customer and their area of expertise, we know about integration. 


We support you in your efforts forward with an Academy, Partner portal and combined sales and marketing efforts.

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Type of partners

Do you want to know more about the type of partners we have? Or do you want to see all our current partners? Don’t hesitate to check our partner page and learn everything about being a partner of Dovetail!

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