Integration made Easy… that is our promise and the premise we work on.
Integration is often a complex set of endpoints, authentication, APIs, JSONs or XML, mappings, error handling and logging. A lot of technical details that need to be sorted.

"Our goal is to bring integration challenges within reach of the citizen developer; an IT professional without developer knowledge or skills. That is why we believe in no-code, an extensive library of components, easy drag & drop interface and visual representation of the flow you are building."


We also acknowledge that integration is often a lot more than simply building and deploying a solution. Actually, the technical integration itself is only a small part of the complete journey. From defining your requirements, to arranging credentials, investigating the functional areas, getting to know the business rules, data mapping, configuring, organising error handling, optimising, management to change management.

Besides a good integration platform you need expertise and knowledge. That is why we work with partners. Besides the Dovetail product they often have knowledge of a specific software application, technology or industry.

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The organisation

Dovetail BV is the producer of the cloud-based application Dovetail that our customers use to integrate their applications in a very user-friendly way.

Our focus in software development is on stability, performance, user-friendliness and the right functionality with which our partners can distinguish themselves.

We believe that everyone has their own strengths; that is why we work with a selected partner network to support our end users in the best possible way.

We work with an international team on maintaining and continuously improving our platform.